Al Quaeda is an international terror group and will have a guerrilla camp in each city. Preferably, the first members start in London but other members can found guerrilla camps in different cities. One cleric will be assigned to each camp. There will be only one Ayatollah. Every breath we take is accompanied to a blow to the enemy


Al-Qaeda was founded on Oct 3 2006, at 06:43 PM by it's Ayatollah and freedom fighter Osama Bean Laden. Followed by that, Middle East-Islamic Socialist Brotherhood founder Dashru immediately joined forces with Osama bin Laden in the foundation of Al-Qaeda for the good of Muslim unity and defiance of the west everywhere.



The spiritual leader of the Mujahadeen who will give all the orders to everyone.


Several clerics will be chosen as a council of sub-leaders. When the Ayatollah asks them to do something, they organise it by voting on eachother's ideas etc. They can also vote to suggest something to the Ayatollah.


The Lieutenants are executives and actually organise the Mujahadeen and are in charge of strategy of the holy war. They are told by the council of clerics how to procede. In turn, they can vote in between themselves to petition the clerics to petition the Ayatollah to do something.

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