Chief Commissioner: Kestral

Commissioner: weirddriew

Commanders: Snyper and Piede

Current Snr Sergeants: None

Current member total: 100* (On CyberCitizens, actual number is considerably less)

Description of SWAT

At the moment, team SWAT is an anti criminal orginization of a global nature. We have growing branches throughout the world and as such one can expect to be making "buissness trips" to other cities where crime may command. Currently, SWAT refuses to mix its members up in activities occuring between crimal orginizations. Team SWAT lets the criminal organizations deal with themselves. Our aim is to provide our members with a safe environment to live their lives. We also stand to protect innocent civilians from criminal activities, and will stand by non-violent organisations in times of need.

Reasons for joining SWAT

If it doesn't sound like you will earn a profit from this organization, you are incorrect. You are allowed to keep everything from fights against known-criminals in the name of defending the peace. We do not condone violence against non-criminals.

Extra Benefits

If everything goes as planned, SWAT will own locations in each city that specialize in all of the main traits (happiness, strength, etc.). This way, a SWAT member would be able to increase his citizens traits at SWAT only rates. This will leave you with surplus cash, so you can enjoy travelling the globe and maintaining your health, strength, nourishment, intelligence and happiness all with the minimum fuss.

SWAT Forums

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