The economic spectrum is a system which determines a mayor or party's methods of city leadership (specifically in economics) in a left/right wing format. Moving from left-wing to right-wing approaches of economic management, taxes and wages become greater.

The extreme left of the spectrum is known as Stigism, in which a city has no tax, wage, or ordinances (with the possible exception of gambling), believing citizens should be self-dependent with their wage and not rely on the government to spend it for them. The extreme right of the spectrum is known as Shockism, in which a city has maximum taxes, wages and varying ordinances, however often instigating a system in which citizens can earn that money back (often loosening restrictions on illegal activity). Anywhere in between is known as either left-wing or right-wing of the centre, which is known as Squinjism. Those in centre enact moderate taxes and wages, believing citizens should help fund things that benefit them, i.e. ordinances and government members (through wages).

Economic Spectrum

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