Hassan the Assassin Edit

Member of La Famiglia and former President of the Cyberverse. Though he lives in London, he has donated large sums of his personal wealth to the mayors of other cities in the hopes that they will be able to purchase shops and secure cheap attributes for their people. He is well-known for defeating DARIS in the second presidential election and being one of the few candidates to offer a poll so citizens could choose his religion and party, rather than he just dictating it to the people. He is beloved by his organization and regarded as a diplomatic peacemaker by the people of the Cyberverse.

He is currently a Christian Independent and on the job path of Police. Hassan also owns "The Calabrese Club", a shop selling Health in central Rome. He has refrained to buy more shops, but has instead donated large sums to other members of his organization.

Hassan a.k.a. "Carlogero Vizzini" was assassinated in public in the beginning of 2007, and is the only president who has died on the job. As far as it is known there has been no new Citizen.

Notable Quotations Edit

-"I love all cities of the Cyberverse. I wish it were possible for me to stretch my body out above Rome, London, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas and protect them with my life."

-"I intend to make this game better and make the Cyberverse an easier place to live in. If I fail in this, I fail in everything."

-"The greatest difficulty in creating new factions is avoiding pointless bureaucracies."