John Stamos Edit


An adept user of just Making a comment appear to Be one thing, but it really Openly made fun of you, kind Of like this

It wouldn't surprise me if a little fuck who was obsessed with Full House or John Stamos was a member of your ranks, so I can see why you were fooled by this guy. He was pretty cool, he defended Amboo on all occasions. Was first to just get bored lobbying for Amboo and go on a rampage.

Fun Fact: Posted the first huge picture saying "It's the big one", actually crashed the page and my computer a few times.

The Doctor Edit


Frequently, like many many, Used the trademarked and Coined system that was only Known by Amboo insiders, Yet, it somehow worked to, One way or another, at Undermining users.

Right then and there, you should have known better, no Doctor would play this game. Another staunch lobbyier for Amboo. In your defence he claimed he didn't know him, but I mean come on. Ran for mayor of sydney and recieved votes by well known users such as Amboothe3rd himself, another multi I can't remember the name of, and I think two little shits that I didn't ask for their vote anyway.

Fun Fact: Lasted the longest of all my users. I guess you could say he had the most Patients!

That's Really Funny

That's really funny.

Amboo himself Edit

Amd dick cheney

Fack You!

The one that started it all

Fun fact: Was banned over posting a poll with pictures in it. Has been ruining this game since.

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