Newspaper published in London
Released Weekly
Editor TheStig
Producer Albion Publications
Status Inactive

LondonCalling is a weekly newspaper published by Albion Publications, a subsidiary of the Albion party, the largest power in the city of London. The paper itself documents the news and events from across the city and around the world, and has released five official publications to date. Since the beginning of 2010, the paper is inactively publishing.

LondonCalling Awards 2009Edit

The paper held its own personal awards ceremony, the first in CyberCitizens.[1] It designated eight categories, with all winners and most nominations being decided by the readership and general public of the game.

News of the WorldEdit

After becoming inactive, the paper was succeeded by the News of the World[2] upon the release of its first issue on 21 February 2010.


Volume Headline Publish date Forum link Pages
1 And the winner is... 1 December 2009 Forum link 3
2 Gotcha! 6 December 2009 Forum link 5
3 Toodles tanky 20 December 2009 Forum link 5
4 LC Awards 2009 27 December 2009 Forum link 4
5 Justice prevails 31 December 2009 Forum link 10



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