The Pirates of the Cyberverse are a recognised faction of CyberCitizens and are based in Sydney. As of October 21, 111 citizens claimed affiliation with the Pirates.

Prehistory Edit

The Pirates of the Cyberverse started as an informal association of GATO members from the sister game of CyberNations, known as the "CN Pirates." When CyberCitizens was started, this initial group, led by Jacksonians founded the Pirates of the Cyberverse. The Pirates have attracted many GATO members from CN, but have not attempted to recreate GATO in the new Cyberverse, precluding "crossover" status.

Current Government Edit

Pirate Captain: Breaker

  • Presides over the Crew, and acts as the leader of the Crew as a whole.
  • Represents the Crew on shores abroad.
  • Appoints officers to their respected positions, which are then voted on by the Crew as a whole.
  • The Captain reserves the right to dismiss officers from their position at any time.

First Mate: Fire19

  • Chosen by the Captain and is the official second-in-command under him.
  • In charge of helping the Captain carry out his decisions, and in anything the Captain specifically needs help with.
  • In the event of the Captain becoming inactive, the First Mate is charged with keeping order amongst the Crew until the Captain’s return.

Quartermaster: Vacant

  • Maintainins the Crew’s military structure.
  • Issues orders for the Crew to follow during wartime.
  • The Captain can override the Quartermaster’s decisions at any time.

Bosun: Vacant

  • Processes applications for membership.
  • Maintains media production for the Crew.
  • Distributes informational and educational publications, and assists new members getting started in the Pirates.
  • Maintains the financial matters of the Crew.

Taskmaster: Vacant

  • Maintains friendly relations with other organizations.
  • Establishes embassies with other organizations, and signing treaties and agreements and such.

Faction History Edit

The Pirates were founded well in advance of the official opening of CyberCitizens in September 2006. They initially attracted a great deal of interest, but kicked off the game with only a dozen or so active members. Things came to a head upon the imminent cyber-death of Captain Jacksonians at the close of October. Plagued by membership and activity problems, the Pirates unanimously elected Breaker, the former Bosun, as the new captain.

Inter-Faction Affairs Edit

The Pirates retain friendly relations with most factions throughout the Cyberverse, including the Ardente Veritate, the Corporation, the Freemasons, and the CCCC. DARIS is the Pirates' only serious enemy.

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