PrinceCaspian is a player in CC that has been around since the whiff of the game. Amassing the second highest posts, he grew into a somewhat influential character in the RP forum and the Player Created Alliances Forum. He is also the current self-proclaimed CC Prince.

Best WorksEdit

- London Peace Accords, - RP Guide, - CC Wikia

Faction Life Edit

PrinceCaspian is currently not a member of any faction.

Cyber Life Edit

Caspain Xavier is currently a cop in CC, who is probably not the best. Caspian does try though, and loves the game. He carries a measly amount of money.

Princely Life Edit

Slightly boring. But at least he has a title! The Prince

Friends/Enemies Edit

Caspian considers everyone a friend, and currently has no enemies (or so he thinks...) Some of the more favorite people are- -Sir Fobia -Asriel -Pompous -All the IRA members -Lupe -Gaius Drakan -Hassan the Assassin (insert name)