The Prince is a self proclaimed title in CyberCitizens made by PrinceCaspian. It is held with utmost repect among him (and mainly no one else) but is important, so it has a wiki.

Life Edit

The Prince of Cybercitizens is appointed whenever the former on runs out of humor. The second term of appointment is that the prince must enjoy eating green bananas. The prince comes onto power when he is appointed by no one else but himself. The Prince mainly does not stick to his duties, but on two occasions, has been known to make official prince-like statements.

Sovereign Edit

The Prince, when chosen, automatically becomes the Sovereign of his city of residence. Caspian is currently the Sovereign of London.

Statements Edit

The Prince has made two statements so far. One about absolutely nothing, and the other asking all London factions to continue in their path of prospeirty.

Titles Edit

Prince of CC, London Sovereign, He who made his title up

Current and Past Princes Edit

Past Jon Doe Jane Dear

Current PrinceCaspian