Tuco Ponderusso
Alias Tuco
Faction The Corporation
Faction position Junior VP of Development and Expansion
Career path Law enforcement
City Sydney
Joined Cyber Citizens 14th of September, 2006

Tuco Ponderusso has been a Sydney resident and Corporation member for practically all of his time in the CyberCitizens world. He advises Corporate upper management on expansion projects and trends in the market (local and global). He also serves as a liaison to the Catholic Church.

An assistant chief of police, Tuco intends on climbing the career ladder to the top. To that end, he's keen on the financial ideas of Flameboy and Glikd. In his spare time, he reads the LA Times, and hopes to contribute a second article to the newspaper.

He last voted for Hassan the Assassin for President and Jacksonians for Sydney mayor.